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To access the range of products and services available on the Website, you can fill out the relevant purchase order forms. Please note that the descriptions for the products and services are provided by the manufacturers or distributors, and TheSoftware does not guarantee their accuracy. TheSoftware is not responsible for any issues related to the purchase of products and services from the Website, or any disputes with the sellers, distributors, or end-user consumers. By using the Website, you agree that TheSoftware is not liable for any claims related to the products and services offered on the Website.


Occasionally, TheSoftware hosts exciting competitions and offers fantastic prizes through Challenges. By supplying accurate and honest information on the relevant Challenge entry form, and agreeing to abide by the Official Challenge Rules for each competition, you can participate for a chance to win the amazing prizes available. To join the Challenges featured on the platform, you must first carefully fill out the appropriate entry form. You commit to supplying honest, precise, up-to-date, and complete Challenge Registration Data. TheSoftware reserves the right to refuse any Challenge Registration Data if it is determined, at the sole and exclusive discretion of TheSoftware, that: (i) you are violating any part of the Agreement; and/or (ii) the Challenge Registration Data you provided is incomplete, deceptive, a duplicate, or otherwise unacceptable. TheSoftware may modify the Registration Data requirements at any time, at its discretion.


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